8th Grade Exit Interviews

25-Mar-2015 8th Grade Exit Interviews
Monday, May 21- Wednesday, May 25, 2018

8th Grade Exit Interview – Overview
Malibu High School will be hosting an 8th grade promotion interview to provide you with a supportive opportunity to reflect on your middle school experience and your expectations for high school.  You will be interviewed for 10 minutes by a panel of three people:  an educator, a community member, and a high school senior.  We expect this to be a wonderful learning opportunity for everyone. Interviews will begin Monday, May 121 and run through Friday, May 25, 2018.  You will have had a chance to sign-up for your interview date in your language arts class.

You will be asked the following questions during your interview:

  1. Please share with us your biggest accomplishment during middle school.  What are you most proud of?  This might be an essay, a project, artwork, or something more abstract such as a new skill that you have mastered.  Be prepared to explain why you chose this accomplishment.
  1. Who is/are the faculty members at this school that have made a difference to you?  How have they influenced or supported you? Some examples to choose from are teachers, custodians, office personnel, etc.
  1. During your middle school years, you have read many books.  Which one was your favorite and/or had the greatest impression on you and why?  (You can choose from any book you have read during middle school, either for class or for pleasure reading.)
  1. During your 8th grade year, you participated in a community service learning project called “Readers are Leaders.”  Tell us what you learned from this project.  In other words, what did you learn about yourself, about the world around you, and/or about the ways in which you can make a difference?
  1. As you look forward to high school, what challenges are you expecting?  What skills have you learned that will help you be successful in high school?

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