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Chemistry P

Week  of January 6-10, 2014                                      Quiz on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014
 Monday: Pupil Free Day
HW: 1) 
Tuesday: Notes: Chemical Reactions
Word Equations, Formula Equations, Balancing
HW: 1) Worksheet A
Wednesday: Chemical Reaction Demos
Write word equations and balanced chemical equations of demos
HW: 1) Worksheets B

 Thursday: Lab: Chemical Equations 
CW: Worksheet C
HW:  1) Worksheet D

 Friday: Quiz: Writing a Balanced Chemical Equation

Week  of December 9-13, 2013               Final Exam Schedule
                                                                Period 4: Tuesday, Dec. 17
                                                                Period 3: Thursday, Dec 19
 Monday: Notes: Empirical Formulas
HW: 1) Worksheet 7E

Tuesday: Review Empirical Formulas
CW: Worksheet 7F: Challenging Empirical Formulas
Notes: Molecular Formulas
HW: 1) Worksheet G: Empirical and Molecular Formulas
Wednesday: Return Ch 4 Test: Atomic Structure: do test repair
Final Exam Review Packet Pg 1
HW: Final exam review Packet Pg 2...finish Pg 1 if needed

 Thursday: Go over final exam packet pg 1 & 2
Final Exam Review Packet Pg 3
HW:  1) Final exam review packet pg 4 

 Friday: Go over final exam review pkt, pg 3
HW: Review for Final Exam

Week  of December 2-6, 2013                     
 Monday: Notes: Mole Conversions
HW: 1) Worksheet 7B Mole Conversions

Tuesday: Review Mole conversions
HW: 1) Worksheet 7C: Still More Moles
Wednesday: Stamp and Go over HW: Wrksht 7C
Lab: Mole Calculations
HW: Finish Lab

 Thursday: Notes: Molar Mass and % Composition
Ch 4 Test Corrections...turn in 
HW:  1) Worksheet 7D 

 Friday: World of Chemistry Video: The Mole
HW: Review for Final Exam

Week  of November 25-29, 2013                    
Nomenclature Test on TUESDAY  
 Monday: Review for tomorrow's test
HW: 1) Study for Nomenclature Test tomorrow
        2) Assemble and Staple Workpacket

Tuesday: Nomenclature Test
HW: 1) None
Wednesday: Test Corrections Ch 4
HW: None...enjoy the holiday...get some rest and eat some yummy food!

HW:  1) 


Week  of November 18-22, 2013                                   Quiz Wednesday 11/20 
                                                                    Nomenclature Test Tuesday 11/26     
 Monday: Lab: Writing Formulas
HW: 1) Finish Lab
       2) Bring 2-3 items from home for photo collage...make sure you              recognize at least 1 of the ingredients so you can write the                  chemical name and formula

Tuesday: Turn in Lab: Writing Formulas
Photo Collage of Everyday Items
Notes: Covalent Compounds...Worksheet D
HW: 1)  Worksheet D
Wednesday: Quiz: Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds and Polyatomic Ions
Stamp and Go over Worksheet D  
Notes: Acids
CW: Worksheet F
HW: 1) Worksheet E; left half, top and bottom

 Thursday: Lab: Nomenclature of Household Items
Finish Worksheet E...stamp and go over
HW:  1) Worksheet H Mixed Nomenclature

 Friday: Stamp and Go over Worksheet H
CW: Worksheet I...finish bottom half on Monday
HW: 1) Top half of Worksheet I
        2) Prepare for Tuesday's Test on Nomenclature

Week  of November 11-15, 2013             

 Monday: Holiday: No School
HW: 1) 

Tuesday: Nomenclature: Binary Ionic Compounds
HW: 1)  Top Half of Worksheet A & B
Wednesday: Nomenclature: Naming Binary Ionics with Transition Metals
Writing formulas for binary ionic compounds
HW: 1) Bottom half of Worksheets A & B

 Thursday: Nomenclature: Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions
Polyatomic Ion Sheet and Flashcards
Lab: Writing Formulas
HW:  1) Worksheet C

 Friday: Stamp and Go over Worksheet C and Lab
Photo Collage: Chemical Names and Formulas of everyday Items

Week  of November 4-8, 2013            
                                                               Lab Quiz TUES.-Calculating Atomic Mass
                                                                              Chapter 4 Test: THURS., NOV 7
                                                                          Chapter 4 Work Packet due THURS 

 Monday:  Notes and Activity: Bohr Diagrams
Go over Lab: Calculating Atomic Mass
Go over worksheet 4A Atomic Structure
HW: 1) Finish bohr Diagrams and conclusion qts
       2) Study for tomorrow's lab quiz: calculating atomic mass
       3) Review Packet on website under "Powerpoints/Handouts"

Tuesday: Lab Quiz: Calculating Atomic Structure
Return Thursday's Quiz: Atomic Structure
Begin Lab Station review Activity-Atomic Structure
HW: 1)  Study for Ch 4 Test on Thursday
Wednesday: Stamp and Go over Bohr Diagrams
Finish Lab Station Review Activity...get stamped

HW: 1) Study for Ch 4 Test tomorrow
       2) AT HOME: Assemble and Staple Ch 4 work packet...due tomorrow
       3) Review packet and answers on website under   

HW:  1)

 Friday: New Unit: Nomenclature

Week  of October 28-November 1, 2013 Quiz on Thursday 10/31/13: Atomic Structure 
                                                          Next Week:
                                                         Lab Quiz Tues. Nov 5: Calculating Atomic Mass
                                                         Chapter 4 Test: THURSDAY., NOV 7
 Monday: Collect 3 labs from last week
CW: Science Notebook workbook: Do Pgs 43-52
HW: 1) finish CW

Tuesday: Notes:
  • 3 Isotopes of Hydrogen
  • Nuclide symbols with charges
  • Avg. Atomic Mass
Vote on Atomic Histroy Books
Return Labs and Go over, time permitting
HW: 1)  Worksheet 4B
Wednesday: Lab: Average Atomic Mass of Beanium
HW: 1) Finish Lab

 Thursday: Quiz: Atomic Structure
Ion Names and Symbols
Chem. demos by Mike
HW:  1) Ion Names and Symbols for elements 1-20

 Friday: Stamp and Go over HW: Ion Names and Ion Symbols
Go over Worksheet 4B: Atomic Mass & % Abundance
HW: 1) None
Lab Quiz on Tuesday: Calculating Atomic Mass

Week  of October 21-25, 2013               
 Monday: Notes: Atomic Structure, Atomic #, Mass #
HW: 1) Pg 112 # 28-34, 49, 51, 59-63

Tuesday: Notes: Isotopes, Nuclide Names and Nuclide Symbols
Isotope Activity...drawings of isotopes
Constructing Isotopes and Photo Collage
HW: 1)  Pg 112-113 # 48, 50, *64,*65, 72.  Additionally for # 64 & 65 include the nuclide name and nuclide symbol
Wednesday: Lab: Atomic History and Electron Dart Probability
HW: 1) Finish Lab
       2) Worksheet 4A

 Thursday: Lab:  Element Investigation
Periodic Table Activity...use pgs 101-103 in HP Textbook or the internet
HW:  1) Finish Color Coding Periodic Table

 Friday: Lab: Metal, Non-Metal, Metalloid
HW: 1) None

Week  of October 14-18, 2013                                            Ch 3 Test on Tues., Oct 15
 Monday: Lab Station Review Activity: Matter and Change
Turn in Lab: Observing Changes in Matter
Workpacket Cover Sheet Ch 3
HW: 1) Study for Ch 3 Test tomorrow
       2) Assemble Ch 3 Workpacket

Tuesday: Chapter 3 TEST
HW: 1) Eat Healthy and go to Sleep early for tomorrow's PSAT
Wednesday: PSAT period 1-3
P 4 only: Read Pgs 87-96. Complete the graphic organizer on philosophers and scientists
HW: 1)  None

 Thursday: P3: Read Pgs 87-96. Complete the graphic organizer on philosophers and scientists.  You may need to use the internet.
2nd set of element flashcards
P 4: Assign scientists for History of the Atom Book. Complete Scientist Page
HW:  1) Complete the Scientist page
        2) 2nd set of element flashcards...cut out and study

 Friday: Share Scientist Page and Assign Book Groups
Begin Book Assemble
HW: 1) 

Week  of October 7-11, 2013                                  Lab Quiz on Thursday Oct. 10
                                                                            Elements Quiz on Friday, Oct 11                                                          Looking Ahead: Ch 3 Test on Tuesday, October 15 
 Monday: Notes: Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes
Element Flash Cards
Bingo Cards
HW: 1) Study element flashcards
        2) Make element bingo cards
Tuesday: Lab: Observing Changes in Matter...lab quiz on Thursday
HW: 1) Finish lab
       2) Study elements 1-20...quiz on Friday

Wednesday: Video and Questions: World of Chemistry-The Periodic Table
Notes: PT and IUPAC
HW: 1) IUPAC name and chemical symbol for elements 112-125
       2) Study for lab quiz tomorrow and elements quiz on Friday

 Thursday: Lab Quiz: Observing Changes in Matter
Element Bingo
Finish PT notes
CW: Review Pg 82-83 # 44-54, 57, 58, 60-62
HW:  1) Finish CW
         2) Study for quiz tomorrow: Elements ad Chemical Symbols

 Friday: Elements Quiz
Begin Lab Station Review Activity
Ch 3 Test on Tuesday, October 15

Week  of September 30 - October 4, 2013      Ch 3 Quiz on Friday, Oct 4              
                                                                  Ch 3 Test on Monday, October 14 
 Monday: Poster Presentation: Separating a Mixture
HW: 1) none
Tuesday: Notes: 3 physical states and 3 chemical classes
HW: 1) Read and Outline Pgs 61-64
       2) Add vocab terms to vocab list...cornell note format
       3) Pg 65 #6-14

Wednesday: Activity: Element, Compound or Mixture
Lab: Classification of Matter
HW: 1) Read and Outline Pgs 55-58
        2) Add vocab terms to vocab list
        3) Do Pg 60 #1-5 & pg 69 # 15-19
 Study for ch 3 quiz on Friday, includes vocab terms

 Thursday: Return Ch 2 Test
Ch 2 Test Corrections...due Monday
HW:  1) Pg 82 #31-43
         2) Study for quiz tomorrow: Ch 3 and Vocab

 Friday: Ch 3 Quiz
Ch 2 Work Packet Cover Sheet
HW: 1) Ch 2 Test corrections due Monday
       2) Assemble Ch 2 Workpacket...due Monday

Week  of September 23-27, 2013                    Chapter 2 Test on Monday, Sept. 23
                                                                  Separating a Mixture Lab on Thurs. Sept 26
 Monday: Ch 2 Test
HW: 1) Signed Safety Contract...must have signed safety contract in order to             participate in labs
       2) Procedural Steps for separating a mixture of sand, salt and iron filings

Tuesday: Separating a Mixture Lab: In lab Groups, compose the procedures and materials necessary to separate a mixture of sand salt and iron filings
HW: 1) Read and Outline Pgs 58-60 & 66-74
       2) Vocab list of all bolded terms, cornell note format

Wednesday: Lab Groups:
Compose Data Table, Determine Calculations to be done, rough draft of Intro.
HW: 1) Type up Lab Title through Procedures 
       2) Typed or Handwritten Data Table to record data in tomorrow

 Thursday: Lab: Separating a Mixture
Photo Collage
HW:  1) Type up lab: Title through Conclusion
Single Spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins

 Friday: Turn in Lab
Poster Construction and Presentations
HW: Enjoy the Weekend

Week  of September 16-20, 2013                   Quiz on Thursday: DA I and II
                                                 Chapter 2 Test on Monday, Sept. 23
 Monday: Review DA I and II
DA Activity: Poster Presentations
HW: Worksheet DA I and II...finish

Tuesday: Notes DA part III
HW: Worksheet DA III...finish

Wednesday: Notes: Lab: Thickness of Al foil
HW: Study for tomorrow's quiz on DA I and II

 Thursday: Quiz: DA I and II
Stamp and Go over DA III
Lab Station Review Activity: Ch 2
HW:  1) Study for Ch 2 Test on Monday

 Friday: Finish lab station review activity: Ch 2
Go over review activity
HW: Study for Ch 2 Test on Monday

Week  of September 9-13, 2013                   Quiz on Thursday and Friday                            
 Monday: Notes: Dimensional Analysis (DA)
DA Activity
HW: Worksheet DA I #1-6
1/2 -1 page typed conclusion due tomorrow...Measurement and Graphing

Tuesday: Turn in Lab: Measurement and Graphing
Go over HW: Worksheet DA I worksheet 
HW: Re-do any incorrect or incomplete problems on DA I 

Wednesday: Notes: DA Part II
HW: Worksheet DA II

 Thursday: Quiz on Lab Equipment
Review DA I and II...Group Poster Presentation
HW:  1) Finish Worksheet DA I & II  
        2) study for tomorrow's Density Lab Quiz

 Friday: Lab Quiz: Density
Go over HW

Week  of September 2-6, 2013                                                 
Notes: Significant Figures and Density
HW: Pg 50-52 # 72-74, 82 c,d, 83, 86, 87
Lab: Density
HW: finish lab...
Admissions Day-NO SCHOOL
 Friday: Turn-in Density Lab
Lab: Measurement and Graphing
Typed Conclusion due Tuesday

Week  of August 26-30, 2013                                                 
 Monday: Data Table for Lab: Qualitative vs Quantitative
PowerPoint on Lab Equipment 
HW: Typed up lab report: Data Table and Discussion Qts
ID, sketch and describe Lab equipment
Photo Collage
HW: Review Lab Equipment and Purpose
Pick-up textbooks
Notes: Accuracy vs Precision, % Error, and Reading a Meniscus
HW: Pg 50 #59, 62, 75, 82 a,b
Lab: Beaker and Flask Accuracy
Photo Collage
HW:  finish lab
Lab Equipment Set-ups

Week  of August 19-23, 2013                  
 Monday: NO SCHOOL
 Tuesday: NO SCHOOL
 Wednesday: NO SCHOOL
 Thursday: Syllabus
Lab: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 
HW:  Finish lab discussion questions

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