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Chemistry P

Week of October 6-10, 2014                     Quiz on Friday: Atomic Structure
Monday P 3&4: Unit 2 Test Short Answer
New Groups and New POGIL Packet
POGIL Activity: Isotopes
HW:  1) Isotope extension QTS
Tuesday Stamp and Go over POGIL: Isotopes
P 2&4: Isotope Activity
P 2& 3: Worksheet 3A
HW: Periods 2 & 3: Worksheet 3A #4 only
        Period 4: Finish Isotope Activity

Wednesday POGIL: Ions
HW: 1) Ion Extension QTS
        2) Worksheet 3A-finish

Thursday Notes: Review of formulas and vocab
Poster Presentation: Isotopes and Ions
HW: 1) Study for tomorrow's quiz: atomic structure

Week of September 15-19, 2014                           UNIT 2 TEST on Fri., OCT 3     
Monday Notes & Problems: Density & Percent Error

HW: 1) Assignment #6  on Stamp Sheet
Tuesday Lab: Density
Stamp Assignment #6 

HW: 1) Worksheet DA II
         2) Assignment #7 on stamp sheet

Wednesday Review Dimensional Analysis Part I-III Worksheet
Return and Go over Quiz DA I & II
Stamp and Go over Assignments 6 & 7
Return Papers
Grade Sheets
Stamp and Go over labs

HW:1) Worksheet DA I-III
        2) Get grade sheet signed

Thursday Review: Lab Station Review Activity
Turn in grade sheet
Go over DA I-III
HW:  1) Study for tomorrow's test: Unit 2

Friday Test: Unit 2

Week of September 15-19, 2014                           Quiz on Fri., Sept. 19: DA I & II      
Monday New Unit: Dimensional Analysis Part I
- Group Activity

HW: Worksheet: DA I

Tuesday Stamp and Go over DA I
Dimensional Analysis Part II
-Worksheet DA II
-conversion factor flashcards

HW: 1) Worksheet DA II
         2) Start to memorize conversion factors

Wednesday Review Dimensional Analysis Part I & II
-worksheet DA I & II

HW:1) Finish Worksheet DA I & II
        2) Study for quiz on Friday; DA I & II

Thursday Stamp and Go over DA I & II
Dimensional Analysis III

HW:  1) Worksheet: DA III
          2) Study for tomorrow's quiz: DA I & II

Friday Quiz: DA I & II
Stamp and Go Over Worksheet DA III

Week of September 8-12, 2014                        UNIT 1 TEST: THURSDAY, SEPT. 11
Monday POGIL: Organizing Data Pgs 22-29
HW: Extension Qts Pg 29 

Tuesday POGIL: Classification of Matter Pgs 43-48
HW: Extension Qts Pg 47

Wednesday Review Day

Thursday Unit 1 Test: Scientific Measurement

Friday New Unit and New Groups

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