8/26-Signed forms

-"You and Groups" worksheet

8/27-"You" worksheet

8/26-"Outliers" quiz (Intro)

8/26-Parents survey

9/3-Methods quiz

9/8-Outliers quiz (Ch.1)

9/17-Outliers quiz (Ch. 2)

9/19-Culture and "The Gods Must Be Crazy" questions

9/23-Research topics

9/26-Outliers quiz (Ch. 3)

10/7-Outliers quiz (Ch. 4)

-Merchants of Cool

10/10-Socialization and the Media

10/16-Outliers quiz (Ch. 5)

10/17-"Stand By Me" assignment

10/28-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 6)

11/3-Deviant assignment

11/14-"Dead Poets Society" and deviance notes

11/5-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 7)

11/13-"Outliers" quiz, (Ch. 8)

11/21-"Outliers" quiz (Ch. 9)

12/4-Poverty Quiz

12/1-Research Project

12/5-"With Honors" paper

12/3-"Outliers" quiz, epilogue

-Elderly questions

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