US History


8/26-Signed forms

8/26-Basic geography quiz

9/2-Create a Continent

9/3-Colonial region chart

9/4 & 9/5-Physiographic/Geo. terms test--Colonial questions

9/10-Colonial Economy w/s

-Declaration of Independence worksheet

-Constitution questions

9/25-Colonies to Constitution Test

9/18-Sectionalism worksheet

9/24-Slave state map

10/1-Civil War circle graphs

10/3-Andersonville Prison worksheet (read only)

10/9-Battles of Civil War worksheet

-Textbook, page 225, 1-8 (not #7)

10/9-Civil War test

10/10-"Growth of Industrialism" worksheet

10/14-"Big Business" worksheet

10/17-Read pages 243-251

10/22-Progressive Era test

10/28-Spanish-American War worksheet

10/30-Alaska/Hawaii summary

11/4-Propaganda poster

11/5-Sedition assignment

11/12- U.S. Becomes a World Power Test

11/25-Jazz Age Test

20s-30s worksheet

-Read pages 483-487

1/28-States Test

1/13-Great Depression Test

1/14-WW II pictoword

-Geographic crossword puzzle

-Axis expansion map

1/29-U.S. reaction to  Holocaust

1/5-WW ll test

1/6-Enter stock contest

2/27-Decade topic selection list

3/2-Band of Brothers Project

3/9-Decade progress report

3/17-Cold war time-lines

3/19-Read in text pages 642-649

3/16-Decades day due date

3/26-Cold War sentences/word search

3/26-Cold War test

3/26-Decades day due date

4/27-Civil Rights quiz

-Vietnam War map

5/12-Vietnam After Geneva worksheet

5/19-Vietnam War Test

5/8-Decade Day, final copy

5/22-Decade Day

5/26-Watergate terms

5/26-Watergate quiz

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