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Make-up sessions for 5-paragraph, persuasive essay only occur during support period on Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30. Notify me beforehand that you will appear for the make-up session.  

Re-writes of the 5-paragraph, persuasive essay are due Friday, March 31. Send it along with a friend if you will leave town before then. Do not put work in my office mailbox. Re-writing the essay is optional, no matter the grade/score you earned. The grade for the re-write will entirely replace the original essay grade.

The teacher-student band --





Middle school students rarely appear in Masque -- but 7th-grader Johnny Sheridan nearly burst the roof off the auditorium with his choreography and performance!  If he's this good now, imagine his skill in later years.  He was the only 7th-grader to perform in any of the three nights.




The only thing better than watching kids enjoy their work
is watching them enjoy sharing their work with each other.  
                              <-- These guys! LOL!


Please do not put student work in my office mailbox.  Things often disappear from our mailboxes, and I may never see what you tried to submit.
The next book report book genre is biography / autobiography.  Must have at least 125 pages and feature someone who has contributed (for better or worse) to human history.  Next in-class book report will occur on the Tuesday we return from Spring Break.

Do not send your kids to school when they are sick.  Any kids displaying symptoms will be sent to the nurse and then probably sent home.  Meanwhile, please send your healthy kids to school with plenty of Kleenex, fluids, food, and cough drops; these are not provided by the school.  State law guarantees that absent students can make up any missed work -- so there's no need to send ill children to school for fear that they'll miss tests or assignments.

Checking Illuminate too often?  Not checking it enough?  Did you know you can sign up for a weekly update to be sent to you by email directly through Illuminate?  One of our parents found this feature that many of you might be interested in.  Click Account, then under Account Settings, enable the weekly digest option. (This announcement is courtesy of Mr. Miller.)

Bear in mind that teachers' web pages are a courtesy, not a contractual requirement.  There may be times that a teacher's web page is not up-to-date.  Failing to bring needed materials or assignments because "it wasn't mentioned on the web page" is not an acceptable excuse.  All assignments and deadlines are announced in class and posted in the whiteboard agenda box.  It is the student's responsibility to listen to announcements and copy them from the board into the planner, whether or not those announcements and deadlines also appear on the web page.

Every day, bring paper, your planner, and two black or dark blue pens.  Bring your outside reading book every day.
There is no need to tell me you are absent; simply find the assignments on this web page and turn them in on the day you return to class.  Or ask me for your work the day you return from absence; it is State law that you wait no longer than the day you return in order to ask me for the makeup work.

There is no need to ask me if I have graded your assignment.  If I have graded your work, I will return it to you.  If I have not returned it to you yet, then that means I have not graded it yet.  Teachers grade work as quickly as we can.

Weds., 3-29-17 and Thu., 3-30-17  Re-write your 5-paragraph, persuasive essay for a higher grade which will completely replace the original essay grade. Staple your original and rubric to the back of your re-write and submit the entire packet to me on Friday, March 31.  Re-writing the essay is optional -- not required.  
Mon., 3-27-17  In-class writing of 5-paragraph, persuasive essay (Can be made-up only during support period on March 29 or 30th)
Thu., 3-16-17  Bring at least an hour's worth of reading tomorrow.  If you're nearly done with your book, bring a second, also.
Weds., 3-15-17  Read "Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind" and compose 10 highlights for it.  There may be a quiz tomorrow.
Mon., 3-13-17  Read "Waters of Gold" and compose 15 highlights for it ... due tomorrow.  Also: write at least one page about an act of generosity among people you personally know. You cannot be the one who bestows the generosity, though you can be the recipient.
Thu., 3-2-17  See yesterday's post for the work that is due tomorrow.
Weds., 3-1-17  Read p. 661 and compose 5 highlights for it.  Read "Young Arthur," p.654 and compose 7 highlights. All work is due Friday, March 3. A quiz covering p.661 and the p.618 chart may happen Friday, March 3.
Mon., 2-27-17  Book report tomorrow!  Bring novel, paper, pens. Only make-up day is during support period on Weds.,3-1-17.
Fri., 2-23-17  Bring one hour's worth of reading Monday. It can be any book or magazine.
Thu., 2-22-17  Read "Dirk the Protector," p. 270, and compose 10 highlights. Then, answer #1-8, except #5, on p.277.  All work is due Friday, Feb. 23.  There is a strong chance of a quiz on the story, on Friday.
Tue., 2-21-17  Write a full page about three jobs that will no longer exist in 20 years and three jobs that will be fairly new in 20 years ... due at next session.
Mon., 2-13-17  Bring your African-American novel to class tomorrow.  You'll spend the period answering some study questions about your book.  If you don't bring your book, then you'll have nothing to work on all period.
Weds., 2-8-17 and Thu., 2-9-17:  Answer two study questions about "Fish" story and write letter of advice to Willie's mother ... due Friday.
Thu., 1-19-17  Bring an hour's of reading tomorrow -- your mystery novel or something else.
Tues., 1-10-17  Students' first day of second semester --  see you at P-9, our new Language Arts classroom, on the PE blacktop.
Mon., 12-19-16  FINAL EXAM WEEK begins today. Review the schedule carefully so that you're prepared for each exam on the day it happens.
Fri., 12-12-16  Some classes may have a quiz on the short story "Amigo Brothers." In class, we'll find out the concepts to be covered on the final exam. Take good notes.
Weds., 12-10-16 and Thu., 12-11-16  Read and compose 10 highlights for the short story "Amigo Brothers"; it's due Friday. There may be a quiz on Friday -- it would cover the short story "Amigo Brothers." Also: identify the five parts of plot, internal and external conflicts, and an inference for the story; this work is also due Friday and is a "practice-run" for next week's final exam.
Thu., 12-9-16 View examples of Twilight Zone and explain in writing how those examples fit three-part definition of science fiction.
Weds., 12-8-16  R.O.P.E.S. field trip: all seventh grade
Mon., 11-21-16  Quiz on Titanic notes today -- all class periods
Fri., 11-18-16  Study Titanic notes for Monday's quiz.  See Ms. Anderson if you're interested in volunteering on Thanksgiving Day at Malibu Methodist for extra-credit points (see announcement above).
Thu., 11-17-16  Study Titanic notes for Monday's quiz.  See Ms. Anderson if you're interested in volunteering on Thanksgiving Day at Malibu Methodist for extra-credit points (see announcement above).  Bring your sci fi / fantasy book tomorrow.
Tue., 11-8   In-class book report.
Thu., 11-3-16  Extra-credit reports about the Halloween dance are due tomorrow.
Tue., 10-18-16  Finish your writing task which is due tomorrow ("An Unwelcome Change") ... at least one page long. Bring your spooky book to class every day.
Mon. 10-17-16  For class today, bring your scary/horror/ghost novel.  You'll receive a 0% F if you fail to bring the book to class at the beginning of the class period.
Fri., 10-14-16  Next Monday, bring your scary/horror/ghost novel.  You'll receive a 0% F if you fail to bring the book to class at the beginning of the class period.
Thu., 10-13-16  Write the "Dear Parents" letter in which you offer five detailed pieces of advice (one brief paragraph for each) to Laurie's parents in order to help them get their son back on a path of good behavior and academic achievement ... due tomorrow.  Next Monday, bring your scary/horror/ghost novel.  You'll receive a 0% F if you fail to bring the book to class at the beginning of the class period.
Tue., 10-11-16  NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!  
Mon., 10-10-16  In-class book report:  adventure book
Due Weds., 10-5 or Thu., 10-6:  Finish "Dear Mrs. Jones" letter, if needed.  Bring your adventure book; you'll need it in order to answer some study questions with direct quotes from the book.  You will receive a classwork grade of 0% F if you do not bring the book.
Due Friday, 9-30-16:  Writing task "Who Believes in Me?"  Writing task "A Second Chance"  Read "Thank You, M'am" by Langston Hughes (p.64)   Extra-credit reports on MHS women's sports event are also due today
Mon., 9-26-16  Your book report project on your second summer book is due today!  The deadline was extended from last Friday. Homework: bring your adventure novel / memoir / biography / autobiography tomorrow.
Fri., 9-23-16  Your book report project on your second summer book is due Monday.  
Weds., 9-21-16 and Thu., 9-22-16  Read and compose 10 highlights for "The Scholarship Jacket."  It is due Friday.
Tue., 9-20-16  Finish classwork, if needed:  p. 58 questions #1 -7 but not #5.  It is due at next session.
Mon., 9-19-16  Read "The Last Dog," p.44.
Fri., 9-16-16  Take good notes in class today regarding your next book report on your other summer book!  The project is due next Friday!
Weds., 9-14-16  Bring an hour's worth of pleasure reading tomorrow.  
Tue., 9-13-16  Read second half of "RTT," pp. 82-end.  Answer questions 1 - 7, but not 4 or 6, on p. 89.  Work is due tomorrow.  A quiz on second half of story is possible.
Mon., 9-12-16  Read first half of "RTT," pp. 74 through 81. Read shaded column (on right), p. 73.  A quiz is possible tomorrow.
Thu., 9-8-16  Send your parents to Back-to-School Night tonight. 
Weds., 9-7-16  Write second half of summer book report in class today.  Bring a book or magazine for pleasure reading tomorrow.
Tue., 9-6-16  Begin summer book report in class today.  Bring your summer book to class tomorrow in order to write the second half of the in-class book report.  All work must be done in class; there is no take-home portion.  Any work done at home will not be accepted.

Tue., 8-23-16  "My Best Story" is due BOP tomorrow, Weds., 8-24-16.
Tue., 8-30-16  Study 5 parts of plot for tomorrow's quiz.  Finish "A First Impression" writing task; it's due tomorrow.
Weds., 8-31-16 + Thu., 9-1-16  Study short story "Seventh Grade" for tomorrow's quiz.  Finish charting its plot parts, which are due tomorrow.

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