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11/22--Paragraph 3 due

Paragraph #3—Instrumentation

Please write the following information:

  1. What instruments did you hear?  Use one sentence for each: strings, winds, brass, percussion, other/voice.
  2. Which instruments are in the foreground, and which are in the background?
  3. Does the instrumentation change at any point in the scene? If so, describe how/when it changes and why.
  4. Why did the composer choose this instrumentation?
  5. What else was interesting about the instrumentation?

Friday, 11/17--Paragraph 1 and 2 Due (Typed/Double Spaced)
Paragraph #1—Basic Info

  1. Which movie/tv show you choose.
  2. Which scene did you choose?
  3. Write about why you chose this movie/tv show and scene, and why you like it.
  4. Who is the composer?

Paragraph #2—Scene Plot

Explain what happens in this scene.

8/25--Signed Syllabus Due

6th Grade Orchestra Assignments

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) AND Website Challenge due

10/12--Practice Test (Video Assignment) Due
Google Classroom Instructions

7th - 8th Grade Orchestra Assignments

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) due

8/29--Playing Test #1 due on Google Classroom
Google Classroom Class Code: wcg00my (yes, those are zeros, not the letter O)

High School Orchestra Assignments

10/25--Playing Test #1 Due on Google Classroom
(Class code: 6s4dgft)

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) due

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