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12/22, Final Draft Due and Presentation Day
Add Paragraph #7—Conclusion

In the conclusion, include why you do or do not like this soundtrack.  Include details to support your argument.  Would you listen to this soundtrack, if you weren't watching the movie or TV show?

12/15, Paragraph 1-6 due (all in one document)

Paragraph #6—Character

Please write the following information:

  1. What is the character of the music?  (What is the mood? What emotion is the music trying to convey?)
  2. What aspects of the music convey that character?  (What are the instruments doing/playing that creates the mood?)
  3. Does it stay the same through the whole scene, or does it change? If it changes, describe how/when it changes and why.
  4. Does the character match what you see on the screen, or is it telling you something extra? (Example: scary music in the background of a happy scene tells you something bad is about to happen—that is extra information conveyed by the music.)

12/7, Paragraph #5—Dynamics

Please write the following information:

  1. What dynamics are the musicians playing? (The term "dynamics" refers to how loud or quiet the music is.)
  2. Do the dynamics change through the scene? If so, describe how/when they change and why.
  3. How do the dynamics (the volume of the music) influence how you perceive what is happening in the scene?

12/1: Paragraph #4 Due—Rhythm/Tempo

Along with Paragraphs 1-3 corrected

Please write the following information:

  1. What is the tempo of the music in this scene?
  2. Does the tempo stay the same or change during the scene?  If it changes, describe how/when it changes and why.
  3. Describe the rhythmic patterns you hear.  (Examples of rhythmic patterns include martial/military rhythms, dance rhythms, song rhythms, sustained slow rhythms, irregular fast rhythms, regular fast rhythms, etc.)
  4. Do all instruments play the same rhythms, or do some of them play different rhythms?  Is there an ostinato?
  5. How does the rhythm and tempo complement what is happening in the scene?
  6. Do you find these rhythms interesting? Why?

11/22--Paragraph 3 due

Paragraph #3—Instrumentation

Please write the following information:

  1. What instruments did you hear?  Use one sentence for each: strings, winds, brass, percussion, other/voice.
  2. Which instruments are in the foreground, and which are in the background?
  3. Does the instrumentation change at any point in the scene? If so, describe how/when it changes and why.
  4. Why did the composer choose this instrumentation?
  5. What else was interesting about the instrumentation?

Friday, 11/17--Paragraph 1 and 2 Due (Typed/Double Spaced)
Paragraph #1—Basic Info

  1. Which movie/tv show you choose.
  2. Which scene did you choose?
  3. Write about why you chose this movie/tv show and scene, and why you like it.
  4. Who is the composer?

Paragraph #2—Scene Plot

Explain what happens in this scene.

8/25--Signed Syllabus Due

6th Grade Orchestra Assignments

3/1--Disneyland Paperwork Due

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) AND
Website Challenge due

10/12--Practice Test (Video Assignment) Due
Google Classroom Instructions

7th - 8th Grade Orchestra Assignments

3/7--Optional High School Orchestra Auditions
Auditions will take place during lunch, and are for 7th graders who want to move up to high school orchestra early

Violins: Brandenburg 76-106 and Central Coach coda
Violas: Brandenburg 31-62 and Central Coach coda
Cellos: Brandenburg 54-75 and Central Coach coda

3/1--Disneyland Paperwork Due

2/26--Stairway Permission Slip Due

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) due

8/29--Playing Test #1 due on Google Classroom
Google Classroom Class Code: wcg00my (yes, those are zeros, not the letter O)

High School Orchestra Assignments

10/25--Playing Test #1 Due on Google Classroom
(Class code: 6s4dgft)

8/25--Orchestra Handbook (last page) due

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