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Personal injury lawyers and experts have all the knowledge and skills to optimally represent your interests. Our quality is guaranteed by, among other things, the quality mark of the Register of Personal Injury and our memberships of the Institute for Claims Adjusters and the Institute for Register Experts. We also offer a personal approach. With us, you are not a file number. Choose the lawyers with the best setup here.


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First, we assess your situation free of charge and without obligation. You can report your personal injury by filling in the contact form or by calling us. Our lawyers assess your situation and see if we can do anything for you in claiming your personal injury. We are happy to discuss our findings in a personal conversation with you. In addition, we are honest about your legal opportunities and the feasibility of your claim for damages. This conversation is without obligation and free of charge. Only then do you decide whether we can work for you. You can opt for the best personal injury lawyer there.

Personal Introduction And Liability Statement

If you want to use our assistance, you will be assigned a permanent personal injury lawyer. Our lawyer will be happy to visit you at home to get to know you personally and to hear your story. Together with you, he or she will make an inventory of your damage items such as medical costs, travel costs and sorrow money. An apt lawyer can take care of the whole process.

We then hold the counterparty liable. This will often be an insurer. Liability means that we inform the counterparty of your accident. We hereby inform you that you have suffered personal injury and that we believe that the counterparty should compensate for this damage.

Only after this will the amount of your claim is substantiated by written evidence. You can think of your medical information, receipts, invoices, wage damage calculations, etc. An apt lawyer can take care of the whole process.

Settle Personal Injury Case

The exact extent of your personal injury will only become clear when a ‘medical final condition’ has been reached. This is the case if you are healed or if you do not recover any further. When the medical final condition has been reached, we will start settling your claim. We claim all your suffered and yet to be suffered damage to the counterparty. In the vast majority of cases, a settlement is ultimately reached and no legal action is required. From law firms you can now find the best choices.

Find Good Personal Injury Lawyer Or Lawyer

It is important to choose a good personal injury agency for a proper claim settlement. Our specialists are there to relieve you, by having discussions with the counterparty for you, calculating your personal injury and realizing payment of the compensation. They work hard every day to achieve maximum compensation. The apt attorney happens to be the right choice there.

  • You can recognize a good personal injury agency in the first instance by the quality mark of the Personal Injury Register. The best attorneys are here for your support. A personal injury agency with the quality mark of the Personal Injury Register must meet the strict quality requirements of the quality mark and receive periodic audits to check whether they comply with them:
  • For example, personal injury experts must have received appropriate training. There should be a good backup in the event of a failure. It is hardly allowed to work with no cure no pay. Personal injury experts have also successfully completed the training course and are registered here as registered personal injury experts. To be able to bear the title of register expert, additional training is required every year. The personal attorney is the essential person in this.
  • Agencies with the quality mark of the Register of Personal Injury are therefore rigorously tested for knowledge, expertise, and transparency. In addition to being a registered expert, our specialists are often also lawyers. So they have studied law and have the master title. The best legal help is underway there.

A good personal injury attorney also bears the quality mark of the Personal Injury Register and is affiliated with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. Wondering “Is this a good personal injury agency?” or “Is this a good personal injury lawyer?” check whether she meets the above characteristics. So search for the lawyer near me and have the smartest solutions.

Costs Personal Injury Lawyer And Personal Injury Lawyer

The costs for a personal injury lawyer can be quite high, costs that you are not waiting for. We as personal injury lawyers do not charge you if the other party can be held liable for the accident. It is legally stipulated that a liable counterparty must also reimburse the reasonable costs of legal assistance. We, therefore, send our account directly to the counterparty. You don’t pay for anything. We guarantee that.

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